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2011年9月11日 (日)





(New Function)

- The album Sort function.

- The album import and export capabilities.

- In the menu you can put on hold when the stock albums The "Puts On Album & Delete" add menu.

- Add the capability to see large images of pages in the double-tap or pinch out Page Preview.

_ Setting in "View Only Mode" added. The non-edit mode for when you show people.


- Now be displayed in the font list alphabetically.

- Additional settings can be selected at the display of the File Information 'Full-screen mode'.

(Bug fixes)

- We fix the issues that are terminated with a double tap the album out the menu when the menu Display album.

- Fixed a problem with being killed if you cut or copy the PNG Image Album.

- Fixed a problem character shift if there is no list of albums in bookshelf List.

- Fixed an issue where the indicator of pages stored in a page-turning in the background had been set when the original was removed and original backgrounds.

- Fixed a bug when you run the front cover removed in
After tapping the edit mode in the other pictures photos, fix a bug that crash when you exit the photo-editing mode.

- Fixed a bug when the last character is indelible will erase the character from the keyboard when the delete - Text editing.

- Fixed a bug that killed a second time when the display Dropbox lists files twice.

- Fixed a bug that overwrites files when importing into albums Dropbox.

- Fixed a problem that the camera is tilted in photos iPad2.

- Fixed a bug that messed up the photo display EXIF ​​information of the attributes granted direction.

- Memory usage optimizations performed.

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