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2012年1月 1日 (日)

iAlbumHD ~The digital photograph album creation application for iPad


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"now, I will pick out a photograph from a digital camera! "

Does it continue keeping into the photograph and PC whose picture was taken with the digital camera, or a digital camera? Isn't it boring only by choosing a photograph from a thumbnail and showing it to people?
On iPad, "the i album HD" can create an album and can stick it freely as if it stuck on the album the photograph which you took.
If an original album is made and it is shown to people, a free photograph will also surely become more pleasant than now!
Digital album creation / inspection application and it which can create an album like a book taking advantage of the big screen of iPad are this the "i album HD."
"The i album HD" can enjoy a comfortable photograph inspection as if it was looking at the completely actual album.
Edit of an album can also create intuitively and easily moving, rotating and expanding a photograph with two fingers etc.
Moreover, if the double-tap of the photograph is carried out during an album inspection, a photograph can be perused in beautiful photograph size from the first.
The album it not only creates and peruses an album, but made from "the i album HD" can be reproduced in digital photograph frame form.
In photograph frame mode, even if it does not touch iPad, a slide show can be enjoyed together with favorite music.
I would like to make an inspection and preservation of a photograph comfortable happily more by iPad. The application and it which began work by the thought ! to make not to be made to the personal computer unique to iPad are this application "i album HD."
I introduce the function and feature here.      

Ialbum14_3 Photo_4 It is easy album creation by intuition operation
"iAlbumHD" is such an application which transposed the actual album to iPad as it was as the name suggests.
If a favorite photograph is chosen from the photograph library of iPad, a photograph can be stuck on an album.
A photograph can be freely arranged by intuitive operation with it being moving a photograph with a finger, expanding, or rotating.
Clip art materials, such as a pushpin and a clip, are recorded as rather famous one spot who decorates an album.


Ialbum03b Ebooks_2 It is page turning over with a finger like a book
"The i album HD" can turn over a page with a finger like iBooks.
During page turning over, the sound effect which turns over paper directs atmosphere as if it had actually turned over paper.
(It is also possible to turn OFF by setup)
The operation method which was called following page by the screen right end tap, and was called movement to the last page by the left end tap for [ which is called trouble ] directions is also possible for tracing with a finger.


  Ialbum20Resize_imagephp An album is managed in a bookshelf
The album created in "the iAlbumHD" is managed in a bookshelf.
Even any number of albums can be made according to the kind of photograph.
It is also making bookshelf another when a bookshelf's fills.


Ialbum05b Resize_imagephpAn album collection is classified per bookshelf
The album increased in large numbers is a genre division at a bookshelf unit.
It can move to another bookshelf by pushing swipe or a bookshelf list button horizontally on a bookshelf screen.
The individual bookshelf not to show people can also lock with a password as a secret bookshelf.

Ialbum04 Photo_4A photograph is saved by a full size
In "the i album HD", the photograph stuck on the album is kept to iPad with the original size.
On an album, by a double-tap or carrying out pinch in (operation which opens a finger), a screen is full and it can enjoy the photograph of the original big size at any time to see a photograph greatly. 
I prepared two kinds in all of modes for the style of the way used for photograph inspection mode.
One is the mode in which anyone can send one photograph after another by swipe comfortably like a standard iPad photograph application.
Another is the various functions presenting [ of scaling rotation, magnifying power and an angle-of-rotation hold facility, and file information ] mode with 2 fingers for directions to embezzle, and also carries the locomotive function of the photograph by an accelerometer by little playfulness.

Photoframe_5 PfIt is on a digital photograph frame about iPad
The "photograph frame mode" which can peruse the photograph stuck on the album in slide show form with a clock is carried.
A longwise photograph and an oblong photograph can be displayed finely.

Ialbum05_2 Music_4I will also enjoy music together with a photograph.

In photograph frame mode, favorite music can be chosen from an iPod music library, and a photograph can be enjoyed together with favorite music.
Once it registered the playlist, when photograph frame mode is opened next, music and a slide show can be enjoyed immediately.
musical operation is also a stop at a tap about a cover illustration -- again, playback can be operated by a tap and playback etc. can operate the following music and front music intuitively by swipe.

Ialbum08b Ebooks_2It is comfortable operation at a page preview
In album mode, the page preview function for advancing page movement smoothly can be used by swiping a finger upwards from the bottom.
Since it can fly to a direct like page even if it does not turn over a page to the target page, even if there are what page of albums, an album can be perused comfortably.

Ialbum06 K3680835_2It is comfortable picture collection at an exclusive browser
I prepared the exclusive browser convenient for such a direction to bring various pictures together in from a network.
The function which displays the photograph preservation on a network and a photograph directly is carried.
Moreover, comfortable picture collection is supported by convenient functions, such as a function to take the selection text on a browser into an album.

  Ialbum11b PixivA pixiv inspection function is strengthened
Since I am a core user of pixiv, a still more convenient function is carried at the time of a Pixiv inspection.
Preview an actual image directly by carrying out the double-tap of the thumbnail picture of Pixiv, or a thumbnail by long aggressiveness A preservation menu, the pixiv bookmark registration page from a thumbnail -- the Pixiv viewer a jump and like CatHand -- I support a comfortable Pixiv life, such as downloading collectively the Pixiv comics picture opened by an application "PixiTail."

■   It is album creation happily by easy operation

Ialbum08_2 Frame_3 I will decorate a photograph with a frame

The frame of a photograph is changed and the atmosphere of a photograph changes by things.
I also prepared for those scrupulous the function in which an original frame can be registered.

Ialbum13b I5 It is on only your album with a hand-drawn illustration
That an album top is traced with a finger and painting can be done freely can create only your individual album with a "handwriting mode" hand-drawn illustration.

Ialbum10Bg I will change the background of a page and will change atmosphere
Paige's background can be easily changed only by choosing out of the list currently prepared from the beginning.
I also prepared for the liking to be scrupulous direction the function in which a favorite illustration can be set as an original background.

1007_2 For uses various at text input!

Not only a photograph but a text can be added in "the i album HD."
The kind (font) of character, the size of a character, and the color of a character can also be changed freely.
Since the text chosen also from the exclusive browser can also be put in directly, according to an idea, a memo pad with a picture, a picture diary and a scrapbook, and a pictorial book are also made.
Ialbum17_6   Ialbum18

Ialbum13 TrimA layout free with trimming or a mask

A photograph is freely processible by easy operations, such as carrying out trimming of the oblong photograph longwise by photograph edit mode, carrying out the flip horizontal of the photograph which carries out that it is round of the photograph of a square with a mask, or applying a color filter.

Ialbum16n DpboxCooperation with DropBox or other applications is also substantial!
In "the i album HD", in order to take in a photograph comfortably, I prepared various methods.
Take in a photograph from PC of a stock using DropBox which can send a file easily, or through the browser of PC Taking in from wireless LAN, A picture is received from another application which sends a file from iTunes or is contained in iPad(s), such as goodReader, by an OpenIn function.
It corresponds also to the camera function of iPad2.
Make an album others at a PDF file, send by e-mail, or send the album PDF to Electronic Book applications, such as iBooks and the i library HD, by an OpenIn function, and see, or, A photograph is sent to printing applications, such as ePrint, and Photo Life is supported by abundant cooperation functions, such as printing, from iPad.

Ialbum15_2 Stockphoto The photograph place for albums "stock photograph"
The photograph which is due to be put into an album can once be later stuck on an album at any time, if it accumulates in a photograph place for exclusive use called a stock photograph.
A photograph can also be sent to the photograph library and other applications of iPad from a stock photograph.
A photograph not to show people can also be hidden during a password lock by keeping in the secret photograph place "secret photograph" which can be hidden with a password.
In "the i album HD", it is the structure which can perform an exchange of various photographs, such as material registration and a file transfer, centering on this stock photograph.

Ialbum20b Option_3 Abundant options

There are abundant optional features satisfied also with the maniac one in "the i album HD."
Of course, since it is set up so that it can use for beginners comfortably, it is not necessary except to change the initial setting in particular to carry out that he is a maniac.


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